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Welcome to Soundproofing America!

We are here to resolve your issues regarding noise control! Whether you need soundproofing consultation or soundproofing and acoustic products, rely on us to get your specific needs met. Be it any help regarding “How to soundproof?” or purchase of sound barrier materials, closed cell & studio foam at very reasonable prices, we will be happy to cater to your precise sound control requirements in a prompt manner. Rest assured, Soundproofing America is your #1 soundproofing resource and will remain the same for years. The reason that makes us the preferred choice of one and all is that we help our clients with solutions that fit their specific needs and offer soundproofing products that work wonders in resolving the noise issues with finesse.


At Soundproofing America, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced members who know how to provide the best possible assistance to those in need of noise reduction products as well as practical solutions of issues related to acoustic treatment. If you want to save your time and money on getting wasted on ineffectual noise control solutions, contact us today for prompt assistance.


Just give us a call at (800) 823-6817 and relax while we do the hard work on your behalf!

Acoustic Soundproofing: For the Ultimate Home Theatre Experience

Done with dinner, did the dishes, and finally settled in with dessert to binge-watch the Netflix series your best friend has been recommending forever in your brand-new home theatre? After a couple of minutes, your neighbor knocks on the door complaining about the volume when honestly it is only a little beyond barely audible! Now that will surely be a mood killer. If you really want some serious entertainment and have invested in a home theatre, you should be able to get the most out of it. Get high-grade acoustic soundproofing foam installed and it will be nothing but perfection.

There are two major reasons why you would want to use extra soundproofing in your home theatre- keeping the theatre’s sound in and the external noise out. Installing soundproofing solutions at the construction stage is advisable, but that doesn’t mean retrofitting is not an option!

Keeping sound in

Essentially there are three things that play a crucial role in determining whether the sound will be stopped in its tracks, namely, air, distance, and mass. So, a concrete wall with a 6-inch thickness will stop an ample amount of sound from making it out of the room because it has a lot of mass. Anything heavy will deter sound waves from venturing out. Some people add a double layer of drywall with alternating seams but the best solution is to get high-grade acoustic soundproofing foam.

Don’t forget the doors

Home theatres generally have just one door, in and out. It is important to keep that properly sealed. Domestic hollow-core doors are hopeless when it comes to reducing the passage of sound. To ensure full-proof soundproofing, special acoustic insulation strips may be fitted at the door’s edge. You may also consider installing a double door, another door after the first with some space in between. This is also quite an effective way of preventing sound from getting out through the doorways.

Want to get high-grade acoustic soundproofing foam installed in your home theatre for the ultimate movie nights? Soundproofing America is at your service! Explore our website or call us on (800) 823-6817 for consultations, we’ll assist you with your soundproofing needs.

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  • Hi Scott,

    A few months ago we purchased the Noise Eliminator Window inserts for our bedroom windows. We live downtown on the third floor of a high rise building on a very busy street. We were expecting it to be somewhat quieter, but we didn’t expect them to be almost sound proof! We went from tossing and turning all night because of the constant street noise, to sleeping all night through. And because of the custom color matching of our current window frames, you can barely see them. We did the installation ourselves and it was very simple. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing a quiet room!

    Rita Hurley

  • Just installed TruAcoustics Model STC45 Studio Windows in my studio. They look and work great!!

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