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American Fabric wrapped Panels


The American Fabric Wrapped panels are our top of the line sound absorption panels. They are perfect for conference rooms and performing arts venues as well and large concert halls and auditoriums where the aesthetics and appearance of the product is as important as it’s sound characteristics. Other uses include offices, schools, meeting halls, music rooms, hotels, church sanctuaries, recording studios, and radio broadcasting stations.

The American fabric wrapped panels consist of a rigid fiberglass core that is covered in an acoustically neutral fabric such as the Guilford of FR-701 fabrics. The edge dressings can be radius, beveled, half beveled, mitered, or natural squared edged.

The American Fabric Wrapped panels are impact resistant and very easily cleaned and will hold their shape indefinitely. They can also be manufactured with a barrier inner core for added sound blockage.

If you’re looking for the highest quality acoustically absorbent panels on the market today, look no further that the American Fabric Wrapped panels. Call one of the professionals at Soundproofing America for more information about this great product.

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