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I can’t tell you the amount of business we have gotten simply because an Architect’s plan or and Engineer’s blueprint has called out for our products specifically. However, we want the professional building planners to know that they can call us anytime day or night for practical and timely soundproofing advice, specifications and installation instructions. When professionals deal with other professionals, the learning curve on both ends of the spectrum is satisfied.

We at Soundproofing America Inc. thirst for knowledge from the architectural and engineering community. We need that interaction in order to convey real time experiences as well as theoretical concepts to our customers.

Soundproofing is a science in itself and most Architects and Engineers don’t have the time to pursue every avenue of the soundproofing industry, nor do they know the techniques and materials needed to meet all State or local STC, NRC and IIC standards. That’s why we’re here. We understand these rating systems and carry the products needed to meet or exceed any call out for soundproofing or sound conditioning in most architectural drawings or blueprints.

I challenge the professional community to put Soundproofing America Inc. to the test, see if we don’t meet or beat your expectations.

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