Major Field Projects

Here at Soundproofing America Inc. we know how to deal with that large field project that your company is undertaking. The experts at Soundproofing America are among the finest Soundproofing Technical Advisors in the Country.

When an Architect calls for a 55 STC between the floors of a high-rise building, we know exactly what he is referring to. When your engineering plans call for an IIC of 65, we know what you are talking about and what needs to be done to meet that requirement. All the technical advisors at Soundproofing America, Inc can accurately read and interpret Blue prints, plans, and architectural drawings, and will be able to suggest the most effective products to meet the most stringent of soundproofing requirements. We know the city and state requirements for NRC, STC, and IIC in most cities and states. If we do not have the requirements for your particular city or state, we have the immediate resources needed to find them.

With a major sector of the population now purchasing condominiums and apartments, these requirements that are set by the city or state must be met or the project is at a “stand still”. We know the urgency of your company to meet these requirements.

At Soundproofing America, we are aware that many times sound control issues are the last thing that Major Builders and Architects consider when planning the project, however the State or County are usually right there to remind them, and that’s where the scramble to meet the requirements begins. Careful planning with the help of the professionals at Soundproofing America Inc, will in sure that all of your soundproofing material will be on sight right when you need it. These products can be shipped from various points throughout the Continental United States.

We are equipped to handle your major soundproofing projects, put us to the test; we will not let you down. We have the utmost respect for the hard working Engineers, Architects, and Major Contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada. So once again I challenge you to put Soundproofing America, Inc. to the test and see if we don’t do exactly what we claim.

Remember, knowledge is power.


Soundproof Scott at Soundproofing America US, Inc.

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