Soundproofing A Shooting Range

Generally an indoor shooting range is constructed of hard concrete walls or cinder block filled with concrete. These ranges are soundproofed to the outdoors, but on the inside, the noise from muzzle blasts can be unbearable to the shooters even with ear protection.

The problem is that the noise from the firing weapons is confined and has nowhere to go within this space. There are ways to reduce this noise by up to 15 dB, which doesn’t sound like a much, but it would actually make the range much more tolerable and would keep the muffle the noise and prevent it from reflecting endlessly off of the walls, ceiling and the floor of the range.

There is a product called Silent Panel that is a propylene bead board panel which is extremely effective at reducing the reverb and reflective noise from the interior of the range.

Obviously the more area you cover the better the reduction would be. The method for reducing the reflective noise is relatively easy. On the concrete walls as well as the ceiling you would attach 1″ furring strips with masonry screws. The furring strips would be placed 2 feet apart to allow for a bonded acoustical cotton backing to be fitted between these strips. The bonded acoustical cotton helps to absorb the reflective noise in conjunction with the Silent panels which we will discuss more in this article.

Once the walls and the ceiling are fitted with the 1″ furring strips you would then glue in sections of the 1″ thick bonded acoustical cotton strips. The acoustical cotton material is called Echoless Roll Mat and it comes in rolls that are 4′ wide by 50′ long (200 sq ft per roll) These rolls would need to be cut in half down the middle so they would fit tightly between the 1″ furring strips. it is best to glue the Echoless Material directly to the concrete walls between the furring strips. Once you have the Echoless roll material adhered to the walls between the furring strip you come to the last step in this process.

At this point you would adhere/screw the Silent Panels directly to the 1” wood furring strips. You can actually hard fasten these panels to the furring strips using decking screws. The Silent panels are not heavy and so they could easily be screwed directly to the furring strips. The fact that the Silent Panels are simply screwed to the furring strips makes it easy to replace the Silent panels should it become damaged by a stray round.

As stated before, the more area you cover with the system the better the noise reduction will be.

These materials are relatively inexpensive and can make a remarkable difference in the internal acoustics of your firing range. This system has a two-fold purpose and is able to absorb the noise from both sides. The bonded cotton is one of the most absorbent materials on the market today and in conjunction with the Silent panels which block and diffuse the sound, you would have a very effective sound reduction system and your range would be much more appealing to your shooting customers.

This sound absorbing system works for all indoor shooting ranges whether public or private.

Please keep in mind that we do also carry Tru Acoustics Soundproof Interior Windows and Sound Vault Soundproof Doors for your shooting range.

For more information on reducing the reverb and reflective noise in your firing range or adding Soundproof or Windows, please contact the professionals at Soundproofing America, Inc.

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