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An amateur builder or basically anyone handy with tools can easily complete the majority of our soundproofing projects. You don’t need to be Bob Vila, or Norm Abrams to do a wonderful professional looking soundproofing or sound conditioning project. If you are able to listen and read the detailed instructions provided on this website, you will be able to tackle any noise control project like a pro. Sure, you are bound to have questions, and that’s what the professional’s at Soundproofing America. Inc. are here for. We offer sound and practical advice to the “do it yourselfer” and professional alike. Believe me, I get my share of calls from contractors who have been in the business for over 30 plus years. If you are willing to learn and to admit that you don’t know everything about everything, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

I have talked musicians through the framing and construction of their garage and basement studio’s or practice rooms. These guys admitted that they didn’t have a clue about building or soundproofing a room within a room, now they are actually doing soundproofing projects for their friends and fellow musicians. It’s not Rocket Science friends!

If you want go for it and really feel you can tackle a soundproofing project, the pros at Soundproofing America will be with you every step of the way. That’s a promise! There may be a little trial and error action going on at first due to the fact that all buildings and homes are not built equally, but eventually we will get you to where you need to be soundproofing wise. We always do. We will get you there and you won’t have to mortgage your house in the process. That’s a promise as well!

Remember, knowledge is Power.

As always,

The Soundproofing America Team.

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