Soundproofing a floor is one of the best ways to isolate sound transmission from an upper unit to a lower unit in an apartment or condo building. Whether you are planning to install a hardwood floor or carpet and pad, we have the right floor underlay to meet your needs and to satisfy the association board’s requirements for impact sound reduction. With the greater amount of multi family dwellings being built these days, homeowners associations and boards are requiring that certain IIC (impact isolation coefficient) and STC (sound transmission class) ratings be met in order to keep the transmission of sound from migrating down to the neighbors below. If you are living in an upper unit of a condo or apartment complex, and you are planning to put down a hardwood floor in place of carpet and pad, rest assured that your association board has guidelines that must be met prior to installing your new hardwood or tile floor.

To meet these guidelines you will need to call an expert in the field who can help you find a soundproof floors underlay that will meet or exceed the requirements of your association board. When looking at a floor sound insulation underlay, always ask for a specifications sheet that gives you the STC and IIC rating of each particular floor assembly. You will need this sheet to present to your homeowners association board.

We carry a wide array of floor soundproofing products from our American Impact Pro floor tiles to our ever-popular Impactless flooring rollsThese professional grade flooring products have been used in multi million dollar high-rise units as well as many commercial and industrial applications. Whether it is a 10,000 sq ft office building or your 700 sq ft condo, these acoustic floor underlayments are the most effective and economical products on market today. Our most popular soundproof flooring product is the American Impact Standard, which is one of the most effective floor underlays for ceramic, marble or hard wood floors. There has been literally millions of sq ft of this product installed in commercial and residential applications through out the world.

If you are an architect or developer, it is imperative that the floors between units be soundproofed from both airborne and impact noise. Our acoustical floor products will do that and more. All of our flooring underlays are made from a dense recycled rubber and provide both the sound blocking and sound isolation required in an upper floor application.

No matter what your flooring issues may be, trust the professionals at Soundproofing America to help you find just the right soundproof flooring product to meet your needs as well as your budget


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