It is difficult to find a reliable source for quality soundproof studio windows these days. At Soundproofing America we carry the Tru Acoustics™ brand studio windows in both the 45 STC and the 56 STC models. Both of these models are professional grade and they will meet the needs of the high-end commercial as well as any home studio application.

Tru Acoustics™ Sound Proof Studio Windows

Tru Acoustics™ is truly a high performance, affordable alternative to the more costly sound proof studio windows available on the market today. All of our Tru Acoustics™ studio windows come ready to install into any rough opening that is 4 1/2” in thickness or greater. Both of these models provide excellent sound isolation between control rooms and live rooms guaranteeing a high quality recording. All of our windows come with anodized aluminum frames and are available in a variety of custom finishes.

Soundproof Window Installation

Installing the Tru Acoustics is fast and easy and requires no special glazing contractors or special tools and all installation instructions are included with each window purchased.

Every window is rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Buy Soundproof Windows

You can order your Tru Acoustics™ in a variety of glass options including safety glass, argon gas filled, or tinted etc. Note: some custom glass can affect the STC value and the sound blocking ability of your studio window.

Recording Studio Soundproof Windows – Home Basement Studio Soundproof Windows

Whether you are building a commercial recording studio or a professional quality basement studio in your home, you owe it to yourself to look closely at the Tru Acoustics soundproof studio windows. For price, quality, and ease of installation, nothing comes close to Tru Acoustics™.

How to Soundproof Windows?

To learn more about these high performance studio windows, call the experts at Soundproofing America. Ask about our quick turnaround times on all of our windows.


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