Product Description

Mass Loaded Vinyl

(Save on Shipping: Pick-up and delivery in Boston, Cleveland, Greensboro, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, or Stockton, CA), Closed Cell Foam (Flame Retardant), Sound Clips, Lead and Seam Tapes, Acoustical Foams and Sound Sealants.

Soundproofing Product Descriptions


: Acoustical Caulk is a non-hardening, sound absorbing material with the active ingredient of Ethylene Glycol. Silicone is not an acoustical caulk so please do not buy for a soundproofing project. Acoustical Caulk is used at the seams and perimeter of the American Mass Loaded Vinyl.


: A closed cell foam that is both acoustically absorbent and fire proof. The America Mat is a valuable material for use in applications requiring maximum sound reduction. The America Mat is used often in automobiles, planes, and boats to reduce the amount of noise.


A vinyl tape for sealing the seams of the Mass Loaded Vinyl. This material sticks very effectively to the American Mass Loaded Vinyl.

AMERICAN MASS LOADED VINYL (MLV): A reflective barrier material that weighs one or two pounds per square foot. This material is used primarily for blocking sound through a partition such as a wall or floor/ceiling. It is rated at 26 STC points in the one pound variety and 32 STC points in the two pound version.

FURRING TRACK: This is a metal channel that is inserted into the sound clip. Drywall is then attached to this channel with drywall screws. The dimensions of this channel are as follows: the width across is 2 3/8″, the length is five foot and the channel is either 7/8″ or 1″ deep.

SOUND CLIP: A sound clip is a metal and rubber isolator used to create a “floated” ceiling. It is used in conjunction with metal furring channel and 5/8″ fire-code drywall to create a new, separate ceiling that provides true separation from your ceiling joists.

STC (SOUND TRANSMISSION CLASS): An STC number is the average number of decibels of sound stopped by a particular material from passing through a partition.

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