Foam Fabric Covered Panels

The Super Acoustics Foam and Fabric panels are a melamine backed panel with a fabric facing which can include covered edges.

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These panels are moderately priced and will meet all flammability codes throughout the United States. These acoustical panels are perfect for restaurants, offices, conference rooms, recording studios, and home theaters, or any other space where echo and reverberation are a problem.

The Super Acoustics Foam and Fabric panels are a class 1 building material so they can be used in any and all commercial spaces.

These panels come is beige, dark blue, light gray and black. They are easy to install with the proper adhesives and can make a world of difference in the acoustics of any room. These panels boast a high NRC (noise reduction co-efficient) and will substantially reduce the amount of echo and reverberation in any venue.

Common Uses: Gym Soundproofing, Acoustic Panels for Restaurants