PolyZorbe™ Polyester Acoustic Panels


100% polyester panels add sound absorption to walls, ceilings or as baffles for reduced echo and reverb.

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The PolyZorbe™ Polyester Panels are a low cost alternative to more costly wall and ceiling acoustical panels. They are used extensively in movie theaters, home theaters, recording studios and rehearsal spaces as well as Gymnasiums and other multipurpose venues. The PolyZorbe™ Polyester Panel are a great alternative to more costly acoustical panels. The PolyZorbe™ Polyester Panels can be easily covered for the exact look you want for your application or we can apply color graphics directly to the face of the panel which would be acoustically neutral. You can have order these panels with a western graphic or any type of graphic design you want. For one of the best and most economical acoustical panels available, ask the pros at Soundproofing America about The PolyZorbe™ Polyester Panels.

Common Uses: Home Theater Soundproofing, Recording Studio Soundproofing, Soundproof Home Office

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White, Black, Tan

Square Footage

8 Sq Ft, 56 Sq Ft, 112 Sq Ft