CelluZorbe Ceiling Tile Backer


Fibraboard Panels can be used as a very effective sound barrier backing board for standard T bar ceiling applications. The Fibraboard barrier board can also be used as a soundproof backer for drywall in both wall and ceiling applications.


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This product is reasonably priced and is available for immediate delivery throughout the continental United States.  This product can block up to 15 decibels of sound in either a wall or ceiling tile backer type of application.  To learn more about the Fibraboard barrier board, call or e-mail one of the professionals at Soundproofing America, Inc, your #1 Soundproofing resource. Call 1-800-823-6817 for further information on how this product can benefit you in solving your office or home noise issue.

Common Uses: Ceiling Soundproofing, Soundproof Home Office, Restaurant Soundproofing


1/2", 1", 2"