Fantastic Frame™ Soundproof Window Inserts


Make any window a soundproof window. Fantastic Frame soundproof window inserts can be custom fit to any window to reduce exterior noise by 10+ dB.

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Fantastic Frame™ window insert specifically focuses on sound abatement across all frequency levels with exceptional performance. Fantastic Frame™ window insert can provide sound reduction with an STC rating as high as 49, which rivals or exceeds the performance of many other competitive products and does so at a significantly reduced cost and aesthetic impact.

Fantastic Frame™ window insert is an ideal choice for many residential, commercial and historical applications. Whether you live on a busy street, airplane flight path or wish to maintain the comfort level of your hotel guests, the Fantastic Frame™ window insert will perform extremely well, regardless of the application. Other acoustical window products have you call for a secondary and permanent window layer, which we feel is excessive, bulky and unattractive without an appreciable improvement above and beyond our Fantastic Frame™ window insert system. The Fantastic Frame™ window insert is easily removed in seconds for access to the primary window for cleaning or maintenance and is just as easily re-applied to protect you from irritating and excessive decibel levels.

Check out this video on how to DIY Soundproof your windows using our Fantastic Frame soundproof window inserts


Here is what just one of our many satisfied customers said about her experience with the Fantastic Frame Window Inserts:

A few months ago we purchased the fantastic frame window insert for our bedroom windows. We live downtown on the third floor of a high rise building on a very busy street. We were expecting it to be somewhat quieter, but we didn’t expect them to be almost sound proof! We went from tossing and turning all night because of the constant street noise, to sleeping all night through. And because of the custom color matching of our current window frames, you can barely see them. We did the installation ourselves and it was very simple. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing a quiet room!


Below is a comprehensive breakdown of our performance ratings and results. We’ve also included a “before & after” scenario on (3) different primary window applications to illustrate how effective the Fantastic Frame™ window insert can be when applied over your primary window. And, Fantastic Frame™ window insert is fully customizable. Custom paint colors and glazing options, wood veneers as well as custom shapes and sizes are all available to ensure performance and aesthetics are not compromised.


• Exterior grade PVC extrusion with impact resistance and U.V. stabilization for durability and strength.
• 3/4″ Wide x 1″ Deep frame. Acoustic Series can receive up to 5/16″ thick glazing.
• Mitered Corners (except extreme out-of-square applications) to ensure maximum performance and sound abatement.
• High performance “closed cell” acoustical weather strip foam to further dampen sound vibrations between the primary window frame and the Noise Eliminator™ window insert steel attachment angle.
• Only 1/2 the weight of glass competitors, which can make removal very dangerous with their system.

Window Assemblies STC Ratings

Double Hung Window — STC 24

Double Hung Window with Fantastic Frame™ window insert — STC 37

Triple Casement Window — STC 27

Triple Casement Window with Fantastic Frame™ window insert — STC 44

Store Front/Hotel Fixed Window — STC 33

Store Front/Hotel Fixed Window with Fantastic Frame™ window insert — STC 51

*STC (Sound Transmission Class) – a rating to represent how well a building partition attenuates airborn sound. The higher the STC number, the greater amount of sound that is lost. This rating targets a noise spectrum surrounding speech levels.



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White, Brown


1/4" Acrylic


7/8" Wide x 1" Deep