Luxury Liner Roll – Mass Loaded Vinyl


Mass Loaded Vinyl is now the industry standard for soundproofing. The (MLV for short) is a high grade vinyl that is filled with barium salts and silica which give it mass. MLV is a product that was designed as a viable replacement for lead sheeting which as we all know is a hazardous material and very difficult to work with. Our Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl is easy to apply to any wall or ceiling assembly and can add up to 30 decibels of reduction to these assemblies.

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This product is used extensively in new construction as well as remodeling projects as a means of blocking unwanted noise from shared wall and ceiling assemblies. It is also very effective in floor /ceiling assemblies to block out unwanted airborne noise such as loud TV’s , stereos, talking and other annoying airborne noises.

Mass Loaded vinyl comes in a 1 Lb version that has a standalone STC value of 27 STC points (STC stands for “Sound Transmission Class”) which equates to a decibel reduction of 27 dB. There is also a 2Lb version that has a standalone STC value of 32 STC. These STC values increase when you add batt insulation and 5/8” drywall.

Mass Loaded vinyl is easy to use and a very effective solution to many different noise issues. Mass loaded vinyl can also be used in outdoor application as a sound barrier between neighbor’s yards installed on fencing. Another outdoor use is for building an enclosure around an outside generator or AC unit making loud noise right outside your home.

Rolls comes in variety of sizes – our standard roll is 4′ x 10′ and costs $169.99

Common Uses: Wall Soundproofing, Soundproofing furnace room, wall treatments for bathrooms, soundproof teenager room


4×10, 4×15


1lb, 2lb