UnderBlock™ Rubber Floor Underlayment


The floor soundproofing treatment will stop both structural and airborne noises being passed through your floor and ceiling assembly. Use this product in your home, apartment, home studio or commercial space to get rid of those footstep noises.

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You may ask “Why would I use soundproofing or impact reduction flooring?”

The answer to this questions is that you want to either block the sound coming up from your downstairs neighbor or you want to reduce the amount of sound (impact and airborne) that is traveling through your floor and their ceiling. You may also want to change your finish flooring from a soft material such as carpet and padding to a hard material such as wood, ceramic tile or marble. The hard material finish floors tend to create more impact sound for your neighbor so the “soundproofing” underlay helps to reduce the impact noise and also provides some airborne noise transmission reduction.

This product comes in 3/8” and 1/2″ thick recycled rubber and is extremely effective and stopping both airborne and impact noise from above. It is specifically designed for hardwood and ceramic tile applications, however it works great with carpet and pad finished floors as well. UnderBlock™ is one of the best all around flooring underlay’s to use when soundproofing floors because of its versatility and ease of installation. It is recommended that you adhere the Impact Standard to your sub floor with the DA-5 floor adhesive, but it is not essential. American Impact Standard is perfect for any type of finished floor application.

Common Uses: Soundproofing Floors



3/8", 1/2"


4' x 25', 4' x 20'