Soundproof Flooring

You may ask “Why would I use soundproofing or impact reduction flooring?”

The answer to this questions is that you want to either block the sound coming up from your downstairs neighbor or you want to reduce the amount of sound (impact and airborne) that is traveling through your floor and their ceiling. You may also want to change your finish flooring from a soft material such as carpet and padding to a hard material such as wood, ceramic tile or marble. The hard material finish floors tend to create more impact sound for your neighbor so the “soundproofing” underlay helps to reduce the impact noise and also provides some airborne noise transmission reduction. The following products provide a good, better and best option for reducing both impact noise and airborne noise through a floor/ceiling partition.


Impactless: 4.5′ X 24′ roll of open cellular rubber bonded to fiberglass/cellulose backing scrim. This material is a great underlay for floors where you plan to use both carpet and pad. It achieves both high STC and IIC numbers with a minimal addition to the height and weight of the floor. This material can also be used under engineered wood floors and ceramic tile. Impactless is often used as a sound barrier underlay in apartment and condo buildings where “bang for the buck” is a necessity. Call For Pricing or Just Order Online

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American Impact Standard

American Impact Standard : 48″x25′ rolls of recycled rubber material that is the most cost effective impact reduction floor underlay on the market. The 48″x25′ rolls are 3/8″ thick. The American Impact Standard is either glued down or left floating on top of your sub floor. Your new floor whether carpet, wood or ceramic tile can be either glued down or floated on top of the American Impact Standard tiles. Call For Pricing!

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American Impact Standard Econo

American Impact Standard Econo is a less costly version of the American Impact Standard product in a slightly thinner version. The American Impact Standard version provides excellent soundproofing in a rolled soundproof flooring material available as a 48″x25′ long roll. This material can be applied with an adhesive, nailed or screwed down. Laminate wood floors, ceramic floors and pad and carpet are all options to do as a finished flooring.



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