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Welcome to Soundproofing America!

We are here to resolve your issues regarding noise control! Whether you need soundproofing consultation or soundproofing and acoustic products, rely on us to get your specific needs met. Be it any help regarding “How to soundproof?” or purchase of sound barrier materials, closed cell & studio foam at very reasonable prices, we will be happy to cater to your precise sound control requirements in a prompt manner. Rest assured, Soundproofing America is your #1 soundproofing resource and will remain the same for years. The reason that makes us the preferred choice of one and all is that we help our clients with solutions that fit their specific needs and offer soundproofing products that work wonders in resolving the noise issues with finesse.


At Soundproofing America, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced members who know how to provide the best possible assistance to those in need of noise reduction products as well as practical solutions of issues related to acoustic treatment. If you want to save your time and money on getting wasted on ineffectual noise control solutions, contact us today for prompt assistance.


Just give us a call at (800) 823-6817 and relax while we do the hard work on your behalf!

Soundproof Your Restaurant To Preserve Regular Customers – Read On To Find Out How!

You’ve decided to go out for dinner with your friends or family, and you start listing the top 10 of your favorite restaurants; ever thought about what prompts you to rate one location over another? Do you know why you choose to dine at a particular restaurant more frequently than other options? Perhaps you like their premium food quality, pricing, menu choices, and ambiance.

Speaking of the ambiance, a place that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable grabs most of the customers’ attention. It is also the staff, the bartenders, and the environment that influence you to visit the restaurant repeatedly.

That said, the ambiance makes or breaks a client’s experience and whether they will come back again depends on how they felt being at your restaurant in the first place. Now that you know that ambiance is an essential aspect of dining, let us look at what can be done to improve the customer’s experience.

Focusing On Interior Room Acoustics

What might make your restaurant viable in the long-run? The simple answer is – control the interior room acoustics. The premium sound quality inside a restaurant will let the customers dine and converse in normal conversational tones. There will be no need to elevate voice to reach the other person over the background noise. For all you know, the discomfort caused during the dining experience is enough to keep the customers from ever returning. Improving the room’s acoustic value may help you enhance the dining experience. Continue reading to get what installing the best restaurant soundproofing materials can do for you.

How Soundproofing Improves Customer’s Experience?

Soundproofing and sound-absorbing a restaurant has become an essential part of the dining experience in today’s world. Whether installing a panel system for a new place or restructuring to an existing one, today’s best restaurant soundproofing materials are built to disguise into spaces unnoticed or even become a visual highlight in the form of splendidly painted murals that add as soundboards.

If you want to get the best restaurant soundproofing materials, you will find the modern sound panels that are tapped to a restaurant’s space acoustically as well as visually.

Sound panels work reasonably well in absorbing up to 80% of the echo level. For restaurants equipped with sound panels, the mid and high-frequency sound waves drop to comfortable levels as the stress in conversation disappears. This way, the comfort is restored to repeat the customer’s visit.

Final Thoughts

While in your favorite restaurant, when you look around, the sound panels or even the ceiling equipped with panels that you see are what make your dining experience all the more enjoyable. Even though the hard reflective surfaces such as tile, block, granite, and marble are beautiful, they are terrible for bouncing the sound. Thus, getting the best restaurant soundproofing materials is essential to preserve your repeated customers. If you’d like to know more about soundproofing and the best options for your restaurant, get in touch with Soundproofing America.

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  • Hi Scott,

    A few months ago we purchased the Noise Eliminator Window inserts for our bedroom windows. We live downtown on the third floor of a high rise building on a very busy street. We were expecting it to be somewhat quieter, but we didn’t expect them to be almost sound proof! We went from tossing and turning all night because of the constant street noise, to sleeping all night through. And because of the custom color matching of our current window frames, you can barely see them. We did the installation ourselves and it was very simple. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing a quiet room!

    Rita Hurley

  • Just installed TruAcoustics Model STC45 Studio Windows in my studio. They look and work great!!

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