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As a general rule most restaurants consist of hard surface walls ceilings and floors. This is both for the aesthetic of the establishment as well as for ease of cleaning of these areas. Restaurants are more concerned with reducing the echo and reverberation in their venue as opposed to actually stopping the noise from going out of the restaurant. The lack of absorbency in restaurants oft times makes it impossible to carry on a normal conversation with the people at your own table. The hard surfaces bounce the sound in every direction possible which can make life very annoying for your restaurant clientele.

So what can you do to stop or at least reduce this reverberation and noise reflection. One thing would be to add absorbent panels to the walls and ceiling of the dining area. This would help to alleviate the reflected noise that bounces off of the walls ceiling and floors. However these panels and absorbers can dramatically change the look and the theme of your restaurant, so it is always best to contact a professional. As the restaurant owner, you need to know where you can place sound absorbing panels to where they don’t interfere with the look or theme of the establishment.

Absorbent materials such as bonded acoustical cotton panels and fabric wrapped panels play a major role in reducing the reverb times in any restaurant or dining facility.

Here at Soundproofing America US, Inc. we have a better idea. We carry a product called Echoless Roll material.

Echoless Roll Material Under Tables and Chairs
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This is a bonded cotton roll that has an acoustically neutral black facing on it. It is one of the most absorbent materials on the market today. Here is what I am suggesting. You would cut this material to fit onto the bottoms of your chairs, tables, booth tables and under any surface that is not visibly seen by the restaurant patrons, yet will absorb the unwanted reverberation and noise reflection in your eating establishment. This product will meet any building code and has a class A fire rating and is LEEDS certified. You would be able to dramatically reduce the reverberation in your restaurant just by applying this material to the bottoms of tables and chairs.
There are other products that can also reduce reflective noise and reverb. One such product we refer to as Echoless Acoustical Panels. These panels can be used as a ceiling or wall applied panel which you can either leave exposed for a natural look or fabric cover and adhere to ceilings for a very refined, aesthetically pleasing look.
If you are looking for sound reduction in a more refined look, we carry the Maximum Acoustics Poly Panel which is a Polyester Panel in either white color or a beige/tan color that can be used as either ceiling tiles in an acoustic, grid ceiling or as wall panels that look completely symmetrical and clean.
Maximum Acoustics Poly Acoustical Panel
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There are a variety of very efficient and cost effective products that can reduce the echo or reverb time in your restaurant from 7 to 8 seconds down to less than one second. If this sounds like the answer to your reverberation noise issues, then please call the professionals at Soundproofing America US, Inc. or go to

Soundproofing America US, Inc, this is Scott, signing out for now. Thanks for reading.

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