Acoustical Treatments

Soundproofing America carries a wide variety of acoustical treatment and sound conditioning products. Many of these products are sold exclusively through Soundproofing America. Our vast array of sound conditioning products include the Echoless bonded acoustical cotton panels which offer the highest NRC rating of any acoustical product on the market today. These panels are extremely popular with professional studios and home theater companies and are used to reduce reflective noise in large homes and office spaces. These decorative panels can be fabric covered to match any d├ęcor or room coloring.

We also carry the American FG fabric cover panels that are covered in the Guilford 701 fabrics and come in a nearly endless array of colors and patterns. These finished look acoustical panels have the absorptive qualities that professional recording studios and theaters demand. They come in a variety of sizes and edge details. You won’t find a better finished-look panel on the market than the American FG fabric covered panels.

Soundproofing America also carries the ever-popular polyurethane Pyramid and Wedge panels for studios and home theaters. These panels are very affordable and would be a welcomed addition to any studio or rehearsal setting.

Acoustical treatment and sound conditioning products are not limited to absorptive materials only, the Silent panels give the studio professional both sound absorption as well as sound blocking all in one panel. These polypropylene bead board tiles are weather resistant and are perfect for pool areas and gymnasiums and other moist prone areas. The Silent panels are also perfect for gun and shooting ranges as they can be easily cleaned and with a high-pressure wash. They are the choice of many municipal Police and Sheriff’s department training facilities and gun ranges.

The latest and greatest acoustical product is one called the American dBA panel. These panels are tri functional and are the latest innovation in the home theater and studio sound conditioning arsenal. The dBA panels block, absorb and diffuse sound all in one panel. These sharp looking panels will give any studio or theater a futuristic ultra modern look. They are only available from 3 sources in the world and Soundproofing America is one of them. This space age acoustical panel is fast becoming the standard treatment for professional recording studios and home theaters due to its tri functional capabilities. The dBA panels are now available at a great low price from Soundproofing America. Give our professionals a call and ask about the dBA panel, you’ll be glad you did.

We carry many more acoustical treatment products that are displayed on the website so please take a look and then call the experts at Soundproofing America.

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