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Welcome to Soundproofing America!

We are here to resolve your issues regarding noise control! Whether you need soundproofing consultation or soundproofing and acoustic products, rely on us to get your specific needs met. Be it any help regarding “How to soundproof?” or purchase of sound barrier materials, closed cell & studio foam at very reasonable prices, we will be happy to cater to your precise sound control requirements in a prompt manner. Rest assured, Soundproofing America is your #1 soundproofing resource and will remain the same for years. The reason that makes us the preferred choice of one and all is that we help our clients with solutions that fit their specific needs and offer soundproofing products that work wonders in resolving the noise issues with finesse.


At Soundproofing America, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced members who know how to provide the best possible assistance to those in need of noise reduction products as well as practical solutions of issues related to acoustic treatment. If you want to save your time and money on getting wasted on ineffectual noise control solutions, contact us today for prompt assistance.


Just give us a call at (800) 823-6817 and relax while we do the hard work on your behalf!

Soundproofing Your Floors for Impact and Airborne Noise Reduction

Commercial carpet
Soundproofing floors generally requires laying down a soundproof floor underlayment directly on top of your sub floor. Any old flooring, such as carpet and pad or tile flooring etc. will need to be removed prior to laying down the soundproof floor underlayment.

Here at Soundproofing America US, Inc we carry a wide variety of soundproof floor underlays and we can find one that will meet your needs as well as your budget..

Once the subfloor is cleaned and ready to lay down the soundproofing, it is recommended that you apply a sub floor to rubber adhesive directly to the subfloor to assure good adherence of the soundproofing and to prevent it from shifting. The adhesive is not essential, but it is highly recommended.

After the adhesive has been applied, it is time to roll out the soundproof flooring. It is best to start on one side of the room and work your ways across. You want the soundproofing to cover the entire sub floor completely from wall to wall. Once the soundproof flooring material is installed onto the subfloor, it is recommended that you caulk all of the seams as well as around the perimeter of the soundproofing material using an acoustical caulk. Now that the soundproofing is completely installed and sealed, it is time to install your new floor. You have the option of installing an engineered wood floor or a laminate or even a ceramic or porcelain tile floor. As a general rule you can install just about any kind of flooring directly over top of the soundproofing material. There are a few exceptions. However. if you are going to install a nail down wood floor, you will need to install a backer board over top of the soundproof membrane. The soundproofing is a recycled rubber and will not hold the nails. Also with certain porcelain or marble tiles (smaller size), you will need to install a concrete board over top of the soundproofing to prevent the tile or marble from shifting or cracking. The professionals at Soundproofing America US can help you determine the best way to install your new flooring over top of our soundproofing products. Don’t hesitate to call them toll free at 1-(800) 823-6817.

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  • Hi Scott,

    A few months ago we purchased the Noise Eliminator Window inserts for our bedroom windows. We live downtown on the third floor of a high rise building on a very busy street. We were expecting it to be somewhat quieter, but we didn’t expect them to be almost sound proof! We went from tossing and turning all night because of the constant street noise, to sleeping all night through. And because of the custom color matching of our current window frames, you can barely see them. We did the installation ourselves and it was very simple. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing a quiet room!

    Rita Hurley

  • Just installed TruAcoustics Model STC45 Studio Windows in my studio. They look and work great!!

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