How to Soundproof Your Home Office


How to Soundproof Your Home Office

Most modern offices, nowadays, have a soundproof room to keep the noise minimum. But when you work from home, it’s generally next to impossible to keep yourself away from distracting noises, and especially when you’re trying to concentrate on something important.

If you’re one of those, you cannot resist homely-distractions, read below our helpful tips to reduce distracting noises and keep yourself focused on work. If none of this is working and you really need a soundproof space check out our soundproof booth guide.

Keep the windows closed

Does constant honking of cars outside distract you a lot? Now, you can’t go and tell them to stop doing so; however, you can close the windows of your room. This will reduce the exterior noise sources that easily distract you. You can also add soundproof window inserts to go the extra mile.

Play some music in the background

Background music can help you mask other sources of noise. In fact, music allows you to concentrate better on your work. You can set your favorite playlist or listen to the radio. If the upbeat music or the lyrics distract you or compel you to dance or sing along, consider switching to a trance or soothing music like a calm piano. 

Close the doors between rooms

Though sound travel through air (the waves need air particles), putting a physical barrier can help in reducing it. To limit the noise, shut the door between rooms. The trick works well, and especially when you’re on call. Another advantage is that anyone would knock on the door first before entering the room. If you need soundproof the door then check out our soundproofing door guide.

Plug-in earphones or wear headphones

When you really need to focus on an important project or work wear headphones or earphones to avoid noises. The trick helps you when you’re sharing your room with other people while working but need a separate space to concentrate. 

Take a break

Sometimes noises are not a distraction but your mind asking for a break. Consider changing the scenery – go for a walk, shift your little office to another place, or wait for a few minutes to let the noise settle – before focusing on the work again. 

When the mentioned tricks don’t seem to work, connect with Soundproofing America to get the best soundproofing and acoustic material and innovative acoustic solutions from professionals.