Improving Acoustics in a Restaurant

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Improving Acoustics in a Restaurant

As a general rule most restaurants consist of hard surface walls ceilings and floors. This is both for the aesthetic of the establishment as well as for ease of cleaning of these areas. Restaurants are more concerned with reducing the echo and reverberation in their venue as opposed to actually stopping the noise from going out of the restaurant. The lack of absorbency in restaurants oft times makes it impossible to carry on a normal conversation with the people at your own table. The hard surfaces bounce the sound in every direction possible which can make life very annoying for your restaurant clientele.

Reverb and Echo in a Restaurant

So what can you do to stop or at least reduce this reverberation and noise reflection. One thing would be to add absorbent panels to the walls and ceiling of the dining area. This would help to alleviate the reflected noise that bounces off of the walls ceiling and floors. However these panels and absorbers can dramatically change the look and the theme of your restaurant, so it is always best to contact a professional. As the restaurant owner, you need to know where you can place sound absorbing panels to where they don’t interfere with the look or theme of the establishment.

Materials for Improving Restaurants Acoustics

For the best results reducing the noise in a large venue, you will need to cover a minimum 30% to 40% of the wall and ceiling areas. Clouds and baffles figure into this percentage.

Restaurant Acoustic Panel Material: EcoVerb

One of the best and most effective absorptive materials is the bonded acoustical cotton panels. We refer to these acoustical panels as our EcoVerb panels. Essentially these are a 1 “or 2” thick bonded cotton fiber panel that is manufactured from recycled denim material, like the scrap from blue jean Manufacturers or even virgin denim right off of the roll. Cotton has been proven to be one of the best sound absorbing materials on the planet. It has a much higher NRC (noise reduction coefficient) than polyurethane pyramid or acoustic wedge panels and cost about the same. The EcoVerb panels are a very economical way to reduce the reverberation and echo in any room. The panels are applied to the walls using a 2 part adhesive. This insures that the panels will initially stick to the walls temporarily until the permanent adhesives cures.

These bonded cotton panels when applied to the walls and ceilings can reduce the reverb time in a gym or concert hall from 7 to 8 seconds down to less than 1 second. That would drastically change the acoustics in those areas and make any sporting even or concert much more enjoyable.

The bonded acoustical panels (or EcoVerb panels) come in a variety of colors that will match most settings or décor. These panels are very economical and extremely effective at reducing the the reflective reverberation in any large venue or arena.

The professionals at Soundproofing America ,Inc will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the most echo and reverberation reduction possible in any application. Soundproofing a gymnasium or large arena’s present their own set of challenges. We can arrange low cost shipping directly to the jobsite and you will have access to a professional technician throughout the entire installation process.

Thank you for reading about how to improve acoustics in a gymnasium or arena. Using the proper acoustic treatment panels is essential for getting the best results at the lowest possible cost. Read similar articles on home theater soundproofing and home office soundproofing. Remember that no job is too big or too small for the pro’s at Soundproofing America, Inc.

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