Soundproofing Your Backyard


Soundproofing Your Backyard

You don’t find too much information on the Internet with regards to fence soundproofing. Here at Soundproofing America we have proven fence soundproofing techniques that are extremely effective at blocking and absorbing outdoor traffic noise as well as loud neighbors. Generally sound control fences are constructed of cedar or redwood so they can withstand the elements. A soundproof fence needs to be at least 8′ above the noise source, though 10′ would be even better. You’ll need to check city and county ordinances to make sure that you can indeed construct a fence of that height. The first order of business will be to sink your 4″ X 4″ posts into their concrete footings. Once the posts are set in place, you will then nail up cross members (support beams) that support the slats. Now that your fence is completely framed, we recommend stapling or nailing up a layer of the Mass Loaded Vinyl 1Lb American mass loaded vinyl directly to either side of the fence, and stapling it to cross members as well. This will become the soundproof membrane for the new fence; The MLV requires a dead air space so that it is able to resonate. When the MLV is able to move or resonate with the sound it is then allowed to work to its optimum potential. Now that the vinyl is attached to the fence structure you will then need to caulk all of the seams as well as around the entire perimeter with an acoustical caulking compound. After caulking it is advisable to take a little break and let the caulk set up for a bit (about an hour should be enough). After the break you will want to tape directly over top of the caulked seams with a seam sealer tape.

Now you are ready for your last layer of slats. You do have the option of leaving the MLV exposed, but it is always better to slat over top of the vinyl and will protect it from the elements. This type of fence has proven to be extremely effective in most residential and commercial soundproofing applications where the transmission of noise from one area to another is an issue.

We have had some customers who have also added a layer of the America Mat closed cell foam to the inside plenum in their soundproof fences. The America mat helps to both block and absorb the noise that would easily pass through a common wood fence. The combination of both the MLV and the closed cell foam would make for an excellent soundproof fence; however the combination of the 2 products could become very costly depending on the length of the fence. The mass loaded vinyl will work just fine and will block the majority of the noise that would other wise penetrate a regular fence. A soundproof fence can afford you the privacy you need in a noisy city or urban environment.

Soundproof fences can also be used to stop those loud ac compressor noise units that often set atop buildings in the city. MLV can be used in conjunction with chain link fences as well as with the wood slat type fences and other barrier type walls. Soundproof fences can be used for pool pump soundproofing or a pool filter that’s disturbing your next-door neighbor. If you are looking for more information on a sound proof fence, check out our other guide on installing popular soundproofing materials. We at soundproofing America will provide you with the materials and the knowledge to build a very effective soundproof fence. As they say in the trade, “It’s not Rocket Science”.