Ultra Touch Insulation

Ultra Touch is our LEEDS certified cotton batt wall and ceiling insulation. This product is a class A building material and is a fire rated batt insulation. UltraTouch cotton batts work to fill wall and ceiling cavities with a very effective sound absorbing insulation. Ultra Touch insulation offers both thermal and sound protection for any wall or ceiling assembly. It is the perfect replacement for common fiberglass batts. This product is very effective at absorbing and defusing unwanted noise within joist and stud cavities and works in conjunction with other sound blocking agents such as mass loaded vinyl. The cost of this material is comparable to standard fiberglass insulation, but it’s ability to absorb and defuse sound is remarkably better. Ultra Touch cotton insulation is a completely green product, so if your concern is for the environment, this is your ticket.

Ultra Touch comes in R13, R19 and R30. It is 16 on center or 24 on center.

Please call us at 800-823-6817 to have us help you determine your square footage needs and to give you a shipping quote to your location.

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