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BlocknZorbe Sound Diffuser Panels

DBA BlocknZorbe panels are an innovative sound treatment panel for both both theaters and professional grade commercial studios. These panels offer sound diffusion, sound blocking and sound absorption for any space and are truly an all-purpose panel.

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The BlocknZorbe Sound Diffuser panel provides 3 fold performance . It provides diffusion as well as absorption and finally it is also a blocking agent. These panels are used extensively in recording studios, home theaters and many industrial applications where diffusion, blocking and absorption are essential. The BlocknZorbe Sound Diffuser panels give you studio or home theater a modern state of the art look. The BlocknZorbe Sound Diffuser panels can be used as ceiling tiles as well as for wall panels. The acoustics in any room are enhanced greatly by the used of these great panels. They come in both white and charcoal and can be painted with a light spry of vinyl or latex paint to match any room décor.

Common Uses: Home Theater Acoustic Panels and Recording Studio Soundproofing


1", 2"


White, Charcoal