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Acoustical Sealant Caulk


Acoustical caulk is one of the most important soundproofing agents that should be used in any soundproofing endeavor. Acoustical caulk is used extensively to seal seams and gaps wherever soundproofing materials are installed.

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Latex-based, permanently flexible acrylic polymer used to seal gaps and improve sound ratings. Adheres to wood, metal, concrete, gypsum board, and most other building substrates. Environmentally safe formula packaged in post-consumer recycled material. Comes in 28oz tubes.

This product is great for Wall Soundproofing, Ceiling Soundproofing as well as adding additional soundproofing to any area with small gaps or sound leaks. For example, it is often used while building a soundproof theater room, air conditioner sound barrier, and a soundproof furnace room.


28oz, 336oz


1 tube, 12 tubes