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Quiet Quilt™ Soundproof Blanket


Reinforced 1 lb MLV is faced with a vinyl coated polyester absorber for maximum noise protection (blocking and absorbing)

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The Quiet Quilt™ Soundproof Blanket is great for indoor or outdoor soundproofing. The blankets can easily create soundproof enclosures, room partitions, and sound barrier fencing – just face the absorptive side towards the noise source. Outdoor rated blankets are reinforced to withstand extreme weather conditions, UV resistance, and permanent outdoor application. Outdoor blankets include grommets on the top and bottom and are wind load rated to 140 mph. Indoor blankets are used for in-plant applications and temporary outdoor applications (events, construction sites) and are Class A Fire Rated.

Common Uses: Fence Soundproofing, Soundproof Booth



28oz, 336oz


1 tube, 12 tubes