Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blanket


Easily create indoor soundproof enclosures, room partitions, and soundproof interior walls with our Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blanket.

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The Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blankets are the perfect product for temporary soundproofing applications. These sound blankets are made to order and are great for non permanent soundproofing applications. They are extensively used in Industrial applications for blocking off noisy machinery and other industrial equipment; however, these blankets come in a myriad of different colors and can be used in any home or office application as well. The Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blankets are made with a core of 1 lb mass loaded vinyl as its core and then covered with a quilted vinyl covering. The Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blankets are UL rated and are classified as a class A building material. Sound Blankets can be used to cover existing walls to provide soundproofing between different spaces. Sound Blankets can be constructed to work in outdoor application when needed by being produced as Sound Barrier Curtains. This noise reduction product can be custom made to the needed configuration for your project.

Common Uses: Commercial Soundproofing



48" x 96" x 2"


Grey, Tan, Black, White