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Green Glue™ Noiseproofing Compound


A highly advanced and easy to apply soundproofing material, Green Glue can be applied between layers of standard drywall and requires no demo to use in existing space. Green Glue has been tested in independent laboratories and has proven to be one the most impressive sound proofing products ever invented.

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Green Glue is one of the most cost effective solutions for soundproofing large areas currently on the market. The Cases of 12 tubes are good for 192 sq ft of coverage at 2 tubes per sheet and the Green Glue five gallon pails are good for 365 sq ft coverage using two green glue applicator’s full of green glue per 4’x8′ sheet of drywall. Great for adding extra soundproofing to an area that generates a lot of noise, like a noisy washing machine, elevator noise problems or if you’re looking to learn how to quiet a noisy furnace blower.

Great for any wall soundproofing need.


28oz, 336oz


1 tube, 12 tubes