American Mat Closed Cell Foam

One of the most versatile soundproofing materials in the industry is closed cell vinyl nitrile foam mat. We call this material America mat. This product is weather resistant as well as flame retardant and is used in more outdoor applications than any other soundproofing product. America Mat closed cell foam is used in marine applications to quiet noisy engine rooms where there is a wet bilge to contend with. This foam is virtually indestructible and when used in conjunction with mass loaded vinyl can be a very formidable soundproofing system.


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Closed cell foam is often adhered to the back of an HVAC enclosure as a sound blocker and sound-absorbing barrier. The weather resistance of the closed cell foam makes it perfect for any application where soundproofing is needed outside. This product is also used to stop reflective noise that bounces off a normally hard surface such as the exterior wall of a house. Many times reflective noise is the main reason an air conditioning compressor is so annoying to a next-door neighbor.

America mat closed cell foam can be used in automobiles, truck and motor homes to quell the sound of a loud engine or onboard generator. Lining the underside of a cars hood with the 1” closed cell foam can quiet the engine noise from the hood area by deadening the bare hood metal and also by blocking and absorbing the sound of the engine as it tries to escape from the engine compartment. The America Mat can also be used to line the insides of car door panels as well as the trunk and wheel well areas to prevent road noise from entering the passenger cabin.

America Mat closed cell foam can be used in the plenum area of a cedar wood fence. The foam would be sandwiched in between to sides of slats on the fence and would seal the seams of the slats to block unwanted noise from penetrating through the fence. This product is also very effective when adhered to a barrier wall in a shooting range or a police training facility. The foam is easily cleaned with a pressure sprayer and will dry out much quicker than regular open cell foam where the water would penetrate all the way through the foam.

America Mat has endless possibilities for soundproofing in areas where other products just won’t cut it. From aircraft to large ocean vessels, America Mat closed cell foam is the choice of people in the know.

Common Uses: Aircraft Soundproofing, Washing Machine Vibration, Soundproof Fencing, PC Soundproofing


1/2", 1", 2"