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RSIC™ Resilient Sound Isolation Clips


Our RSIC clips stop impact and airborne sound transmission through wall and ceiling assemblies, and they will increase the STC rating of a wall by up to 20 points.

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The RSIC Sound Isolation Clips are utilized extensively throughout the world for isolating a ceiling or wall assembly from the stud or joist structure as well as from the adjoining walls and floor assemblies. The RSIC sound isolation clip system is the most effective way to float a ceiling or wall system, completely isolating it from the surrounding solid structures.

For example, if you were to float a drywall ceiling using the RSIC-1 clips, the low profile RSIC or the RSIC V clips, you would attach the sound clips to your ceiling joists using a self tapping drywall screw. You would then fit a 25 gauge steel furring channel (hat channel) into the claw section of the sound clip that is specifically designed to hold the metal furring channel. There will be rows of the RSIC clips fitted with the furring channels across your ceiling. Once this system is installed, you would then screw your drywall directly into the metal furring channels again using self tapping drywall screws. The RSIC clips can hold up to 50 Lbs per clip so floating a double layer of drywall is not a problem.

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Common Uses: Soundproof floor – celling assembly, party wall construction or any other wall in your home that needs to be soundproofed

Type of RSIC

RSIC-1, RSIC-EXT 04, RSIC Low Profile, RSIC-WHI (Green 70 lb Load)

Box Size

25 Clips, 100 Clips, 200 Clips