Sound Lock™ Door Seal Kits


If you have a solid core door but want to make it a soundproof door, then our adjustable door seal kit is the perfect product. It will close off any air gaps around your door and add up to 20 STC points to your door.

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Sound Lock™ Door Seal Kits have a durable, anodized aluminum casing with a neoprene rubber seal. The Sound Lock™ Door Seal Kits are economical, easy to install, and durable. Each kit comes with three adjustable jamb seals and a bottom seal. All of these seals are adjustable to make an airtight fit on any standard door. Check out how to install in the video below!

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Door Jamb Seal Size

(1) 36" x (2) 84", Jambs up to 96" x 96"

Door Bottom Seal Size

30", 32", 34", 36", More than 36"