How to Soundproof Your Existing Windows


How to Soundproof Your Existing Windows

This question is one to the top five questions that I get here at Soundproofing America US: How do I soundproof my windows, from neighbors, traffic, and airplane noise? This is a question that will continue to be asked until engineers, Architects and contractors finally realize that this issue is not going to go away by itself. Lawsuits have been filed due the lack of soundproofing in many newly constructed housing tracts, office buildings, and high-rise apartments.

Our Window Soundproofing Recommendation: Window Inserts

The best way to deal with an already existing window for soundproofing is the Fantastic Frame Soundproof Window Inserts.

How to Use Soundproof Window Inserts

The Fantastic Frame Window Insert is made of a high grade acrylic material and is made as an all-in-one unit that includes a frame, gasketing material, and a bellows type of backing that includes a magnetic strip. You then screw or nail a metal L-bracket around the inside jamb of the window or attach a metal tape to the wall around the window. The Noise Eliminator Acoustic Insert product provides a relatively low cost solution to a major problem. Please call us to get further information regarding how this product can work for you along with pricing for the sizes that you need. This product is great for keeping noises from entering your home. If you want peace and quiet in your bedroom, a soundproof office or you’re looking into how to soundproof a bathroom or really any other room in your home then these are a great choice.

Soundproofing your window is only one part of soundproofing a room. Check out our guides on how to soundproof a door and how to soundproof a wall